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You Can Enter A Competition To Win Dismantled Pieces Of Montreal's Old Champlain Bridge

If you've ever seen Montreal's Old Champlain Bridge and thought to yourself, "man, one of those girders would look great in an art gallery," you're in luck! The Pont Jacques-Cartier and Champlain Bridges Incorporated are running a competition that will give you a chance to win a piece of a dismantled bridge piece. 

The contest is open to anyone who wants to "present a project that will give a new vocation to a set of selected pieces of the original Champlain Bridge."

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The old bridge is gradually being dismantled over the next years and the hope is to preserve its history by giving Montrealers an opportunity to create something from its pieces. 

Pieces available so far include the iconic green girders and parts of the supporting structures. You can find what's available in the official catalogue.

The contest is open until May 31, 2021. Any interested parties can submit their pitches on their website

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