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It Could Feel Like 30+ Degrees In Montreal This Weekend, Forecast Shows

It's tanning time ☀️
Staff Writer
Montreal's Weekend Weather Forecast Shows Temps Near 30 C

After a long winter, we're finally ready for some summer heat in Montreal, and with all the positive news about summer reopenings, the weather has decided to agree for once. 

This weekend, despite a rainy spell, forecasts show temperatures approaching 30 C in Montreal — and it could feel even higher. Time to bust out that SPF, folks. 

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On Saturday, according to The Weather Network, it'll feel like it's 33 degrees despite clouds and showers.

It might also feel like it's over 30 degrees towards to end of the week, according to the seven-day forecast. The network shows Thursday could bring only partially cloudy skies and a "feels like" temperature of 31.

Environment Canada, meanwhile, forecasts a high of 30 C on Friday before temperatures dip slightly Saturday and Sunday (highs of 27 C and 25 C, respectively) and enter the low 20s at the beginning of next week.

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