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Montreal’s Newest Fried Chicken Joint Is Vintage And Red Hot (VIDEO)

It's like a time machine, only with fried chicken.
Montreal’s Newest Fried Chicken Joint Is Vintage And Red Hot (VIDEO)

On this episode of Good Bites Takeout, host Alex Melki is in the Montreal borough of Verdun - which, coincidentally, has recently been ranked as one of the coolest neighborhoods in the world - to try out the city’s latest fried chicken spot: Jack Le Coq.  

Owners Sam Salah and Jaques Gaspo are serving up their own secret recipe (seriously they wouldn't even give us a hint) using chicken locally sourced from Quebec.

Right next to their original flavours are "Red Hot" options, bringing some seriously tasty heat to their tenders and chicken sandwiches.

The vintage vibes they've got going on inside are a far cry from the old Dunkin' Donuts that used to fill the space. Between the neon sighs, toy chickens, and pastel colours, it's a major throwback. 

The Order:
4 piece combo | $15.95
4 piece tender combo | $13.95
Jack Buffalo sandwich combo | $9.05

For more information check out Jack Le Coq on their website.

Address: 4501 rue Wellington, Verdun

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