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The Quebec Liberals Want To Replace The OQLF

The party released a 27-point plan to protect and promote French.
OQLF Would Be Replaced Under New Plan From Quebec Liberals

The Parti Libéral du Québec has unveiled a 27-point plan to protect the French language in the province and one of them is to replace the infamous Office québécois de la langue française (OQLF) with a new organization "to ensure renewed and more transparent governance."

"The vitality of the French language and its promotion must be at the heart of any Quebec government action," the PLQ states online.

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The new office would be called the "Office de protection et de valorisation de la langue française" and would, the Liberals argue, "have a clearer and more coherent role."

"It would have a more proactive presence on the ground [...] it should intensify and diversify actions to promote and protect the French language. It would be responsible for toponymy, the officialization of terminology and the application of the law, which would include the handling of complaints."

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