8  Part-Time Montreal Jobs Available Now That Pay Up To $28 Per Hour

$22 per hour? Don't mind if I do!

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An engineer cleans an air conditioner. Right: construction workers in Montreal at work.

An engineer cleans an air conditioner. Right: construction workers in Montreal at work.

Christmas is fast approaching, which means you'll need all the cash you can get to make sure your great-grand-niece gets the Barbie Dreamhouse of her dreams. If you're in need of something extra on the side, there are plenty of high-paying part-time jobs available in Montreal right now, so you can dedicate your side hustle income to gift-giving and make sure your friends and family feel appreciated. How selfless of you!

Support worker — social services

Salary: $23 to $26 per hour

Company: Alzheimer Group, Inc.

Who Should Apply: People with two years of experience in a similar role, good research skills and excellent communication (in French and in English) would be qualified to apply to this job. Understanding Alzheimer's and other dementias as well as knowledge of Quebec's healthcare system are strong assets to your application.

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Management consultant

​Salary: $20.77 per hour

Company: Office des personnes handicapées du Québec

Who Should Apply: Confident French speakers who are currently students would be good matches for this position, especially if you are working on a Bachelor's degree in administration, social work, psychoeducational or social sciences. The role consists of examining and proposing best practices for writing client records as well as improving internal processes.

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Housekeeping attendant

Salary: $20 to $24 per hour

Company: Le Centre de Consultation Psychologique et Éducationnelle

Who Should Apply: Anyone can apply for this job, which doesn't require any particular language proficiencies (anglos, keep reading!). The role entails daily and weekly cleaning of offices at a psychology clinic.

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Administrative officer

Salary: $22.83 per hour

Company: Ministère de l'Éducation

Who Should Apply: This role is open to French speakers who are enrolled in a university in a relevant program, with strong organizational and research skills. It involves conducting research, maintaining bibliographies and coordinating with stakeholders.

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Medical orderly

Salary: $25.63 per hour

Company: L'Agence Service Santé

Who Should Apply: Montrealers with DVS in healthcare assistance are encouraged to apply to this role, where you'd provide support and comfort to patients as well as caregivers. Compassionate and patient people would be good fits for this job, as moral support is just as relevant as physical support in this context.

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Tire assembler

Salary: $20 per hour

Company: Magasin de pieces automobiles et camion léger

Who Should Apply: This simple manual labour position doesn't require strong French skills, but you should be comfortable engaging in physically demanding work. You'd be installing and balancing tires at a car and truck parts store.

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Dental health services administrator

Salary: $25 to $28 per hour

Company: Connections Dentaires

Who Should Apply: For this role, you'll need to have taken a course in dental secretary work, and be very happy to speak French over the phone! It also requires at least a DVS related to secretary work, and involves detail-oriented administrative abilities.

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Halfway house worker

Salary: $21.32 to $26.86 per hour

Company: Le CRC Maison Jeun'Aide

Who Should Apply: Bilingual people with undergraduate degrees related to social work are invited to apply for this role, which involves facilitating activities between residents, identifying potential issues and maintaining records of your activities.

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