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10 Part-Time Jobs Available In Montreal That Pay $20 Or More Per Hour

Some of them might surprise you!

Snowblowing operations at work in Montreal.

Snowblowing operations at work in Montreal.

As winter sets in and your new winter tires finally hit the road, it might be time for you to seek additional employment to pay off that new snow shovel. But if you're only free part-time, it can be hard to find the most efficient jobs to increase your savings. Thankfully, we've collected ten of the highest-paying part-time jobs available in Montreal right now, from web developer roles to a morbid side hustle as a pallbearer.

Open your mind and think of your wallet as you peruse these open opportunities in la Ville Marie.


Salary: $20 to $50 per hour

Company: CBRIK, Inc.

Who Should Apply: French-speaking folks with a Bricklayer Trade Certification and an Occupational Health and Safety Certificate are qualified for this role, which involves preparing and laying bricks, structural tiles and concrete blocks, among other lumps of stuff. You'd get to build patios and garden walls, as well as reading blueprints to calculate materials needed.

Apply here

Household electrical appliance repairperson

Salary: $26 per hour

Company: Reparation Aplus, Inc.

Who Should Apply: Bilingual Montrealers with a knack for manual tasks and a familiarity with power tools are encouraged to apply for this job, which only requires a valid driver's license. It's a physically demanding job involving repairing electrical appliances and components, as well as a customer service component: explaining what you did to customers, and telling them how to care for their equipment.

Apply here

Administrator, dental health services

Salary: $26 to $30 per hour

Company: Connections Dentaires

Who Should Apply: Qualified applicants have a DEP in secretarial studies and a high school diploma. You'd be responsible for responding to calls, scheduling appointments and handling billing. You'll need a good knowledge of dental databases, too, but the employer offers a course in dental secretary behaviour.

Apply here

Computer help desk representative - systems

Salary: $22 per hour

Company: Groupe Axor, Inc.

Who Should Apply: Students are welcome to apply to this job, which does require both English and French, and also entails supporting users in Apple software and maintaining office workstations. Applicants should be organized and able to multitask on separate projects.

Apply here

Cook's helper

Salary: $23.33 per hour

Company: Residence Bon-Secours

Who Should Apply: People with a year of food service experience and working knowledge of French should consider this role, which also requires you to be comfortable with heat and cold, as well as with working efficiently under pressure. The job posting also notes that you should enjoy working with older people!

Apply here


Salary: $20 to $23.40 per hour

Company: SREPE INC. - Remplacement en CPE

Who Should Apply: If being a cook's helper wasn't ambitious enough for you, consider applying to be a full-on cook. You'll just need a certificate in hygiene and sanitation, and it would be a plus to hold a valid training license in first aid in daycare settings. Experience in the kitchen translates to slightly higher pay for this role, so consider it if you're a seasoned (ha ha) chef.

Apply here​


Salary: $21 per hour

Company: Service de Limousines Sanscartie

Who Should Apply: Folks with a healthy appreciation of the morbid are called to apply to this role, which involves no prior certifications — all training will happen on the job. Your job would be simple: carry caskets at funerals. It's up to you whether you follow that calling... or leave it to rest.

Apply here

Snow removal equipment operator - public works

Salary: $25 to $30 per hour

Company: Entrepreneur Paysagistes Strathmore Landscape Ltd.

Who Should Apply: This is a physically demanding job which requires three classes of license: a Class 1/1F/A, Class 3/3F/DF and a Class 5/5F/G license. Your job would be maintaining equipment, operating a range of vehicles and equipment and reporting any and all issues to a supervisor.

Apply here

Web developer

Salary: $20 per hour

Company: Groupe Pash, Inc.

Who Should Apply: This front-end developer job is open to those with experience designing and implementing user-engaging features for both web and mobile applications, resolving user interaction issues and planning projects. You'd also participate in testing and QA processes.

Apply here

Retail merchandiser

Salary: $20 per hour

Company: Buzzz! Marketing inc.

Who Should Apply: Folks with working French proficiency should apply to this role, which involves removing and replacing products according to the larger plan, installing prices, shelves and graphics and filling out reports of the inventory and merchandise removed and added.

Apply here

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