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Quebecers 18-30 Can Re-Book Their 2nd Dose Appointments This Week — Here Are The Dates

We're getting closer to hugging our friends again.
Quebec 2nd Dose Appointment Booking Opens For Young People This Week

Hey young folks, pay attention because this is great news that directly affects you! If you're 18 to 30, you'll be able to book your second vaccine dose appointment in Quebec this week.

The new appointment-making schedule was first announced at the beginning of June.

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Health Minister Christian Dubé said that even if you've already booked your second dose "no matter what date you had that you were given for the second dose, you have the right to readjust it."

Starting Monday, June 21, Quebecers 30 and older can book or adjust their second dose appointment.

Quebecers 25+ and 18+ can book or adjust their appointments beginning Tuesday and Wednesday, respectively.

According to the minister, the goal is to have "75% of the population, by age category, by August 31" fully vaccinated.

At the time of writing, 7,386,401 doses have been administered in the province.

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