Quebec Is Welcoming A First Group Of 300 Refugees From Afghanistan

As part of a resettlement program for people fleeing the Taliban.

Quebec Will Welcome 300 Refugees From Afghanistan

Quebec will soon welcome a first group of 300 refugees from Afghanistan as part of Canada's Afghan resettlement plan.

In a Twitter post, Minister of International Relations, Immigration, and Francization Nadine Girault said that "after having carried out quarantine in Toronto, the Afghan refugees bound for Quebec will be taken care of by the Government of Quebec."

On August 13, the Canadian government announced that it will expand its resettlement program to resettle 20,000 Afghan refugees who are under threat from the Taliban.

The program will prioritize refugees from the most vulnerable groups, including "women leaders, human rights defenders, journalists, persecuted religious minorities, LGBTI individuals, and family members of previously resettled interpreters," as well as "government-supported and privately sponsored refugees, along with those sponsored by family already in Canada."

The Taliban, a group that the Canadian government considers a terrorist entity, took control of Afghanistan in early August.

Canada has pledged to "bring as many people as possible to safety."

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