Powerful Photos Show Montrealers Rallying For The Rights Of Women In Afghanistan

"A protest against the Taliban terrorist group's brutality towards the Afghan people."

Montrealers Are Rallying For Afghanistan (PHOTOS)

The Afghan Women's Centre of Montreal held a protest at Dorchester Square on Friday "against the Taliban terrorist group's brutality towards the Afghan people."

According to the Centre, hundreds of Afghan-Canadians and other Montrealers gathered to "show their solidarity and support for the Afghan people in Afghanistan," and especially to raise their voices for Afghan women's civil rights.

The Taliban seized full control of Afghanistan in recent weeks.

The Islamist extremist group is known for imposing its own strict interpretation of Sharia law. Historically, this has been detrimental to the rights and lives of women in the region.

Another protest dubbed "Stop Killing Afghans" is scheduled to take place at Dorchester Square on August 28.

"Afghanistan Needs You!" reads the Facebook event page.

"We stand for Peace & Justice in Afghanistan, Women's & Children's Rights in Afghanistan, More International Solidarity with Afghanistan. We are against Oppression of the Afghan people, Hazara Genocide, War & Violence in Afghanistan, Countries who support/finance terrorism and the Taliban, Export of Weapons to the Taliban."