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Reminder: Canada Vote By Mail Applications Are Due By Tuesday Evening

Here's what you have to do.

Reminder: Canada Vote By Mail Applications Are Due By Tuesday Evening

The Canadian federal election is in full swing and the polls are officially open. If you want to skip the lines on September 20, remember that you can go vote in person until September 13 during the advance polling days.

But you can also vote by mail. Tuesday, September 14 will be the last day you can apply to get in your mail-in votes.

Voting by mail is quite handy if you're unable to go to your polling station or are out of town and it's a pretty simple process.

Elections Canada recommends that you should vote by mail as soon as possible in order to guarantee that your vote will count by September 20.

You can apply online or by contacting an Elections Canada office before Tuesday, September 14 at 6 p.m.

You'll be sent a voting kit with a special ballot that you'll have to mail back. This special ballot will include a ballot and a pre-addressed envelope.

You'll have to know which candidates are in your riding in order to vote because you'll need to write the first and last name of the candidate, not the political party you want to vote for.

Remember that ballots that arrive at Elections Canada after September 20 will not count for the election! So mail them in as soon as possible.

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