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This Montreal Restaurant Hosts 5 Ă  7s For LGBTQIA2+ Women Every Other Wednesday

Resto Keela is the place to be this summer. 🍹

Montreal has all kinds of different bars, but these changemakers say many of them fall short in making space for LGBTQIA2+ women. For this reason, Avery Burrow, event organizer, and Resto Keela teamed up to create 5 Ă  7s for LGBTQIA2+ women that take place twice a month.

The events were created for members of the LGBTQ2S+ community to connect. According to Burrow, "queer women can actually have a reoccurring space where they can meet each other, flirt, make friends, and feel safe," at these new 5 Ă  7s.

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Keela has a cute wooden terrasse located on rue Atateken with a beautiful spacious interior. These events are set to take place every first and third Wednesday of the month for the entirety of the summer and all LGBTQIA2+ women are welcome.

"[It was] better than I ever could have imagined! [...] And the wildest part about it was that I knew almost no one there (insert joke about how the queer community is super small and we've all dated)," Burrow said when asked how the first event went.

"Also the age range was awesome — from 18-year-olds attending their first queer event to women in their 70s catching up with old friends. This is how a lesbian space should feel; welcoming to all ages, gender expressions, and ethnicities."

During the events, you can get a pint of beer for $5 and any speed rail drink for $6.

5 Ă  7 For LGBTQIA2+ Women At Keela

Address: Resto Keela; 1237, rue Atateken, Montreal, QC

When: Every first and third Wednesday of the month throughout the summer, starting at 5 p.m. 

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