Strong Winds In Montreal Knocked Down A Huge Tree & It Fell On A Car (PHOTOS)

A 'severe thunderstorm watch' is in effect in parts of Quebec.
Strong Winds In Montreal Knocked Down A Huge Tree & It Fell On A Car (PHOTOS)

As a severe thunderstorm brews in parts of Quebec, Montreal is getting hit with strong winds that knocked down at least one huge tree. The tree also happened to fall onto a parked car.

While the wind is certainly a factor, it's likely that the fallen tree was already old and weak. In photos, it looks hollow inside. 

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Virginie Palfroix Cú took a picture of the tree, which stretched across the street near Avenue Aird and Rue Ontario on Wednesday afternoon. It was blocked off by city workers.  

Virginie Palfroix Cú | Facebook

"Wow the winds are powerful. A century old tree just broke down," she wrote. 

Dave Audet | Facebook

Dave Audet also photographed the tree — although his photos show its branches covering a parked car.

Luckily, he said, no one was in the vehicle. But, in terms of the damage, he called the car "scrap."

Dave Audet | Facebook

Audet said he also saw dangerous branches falling around Rue Sainte-Catherine E. and Avenue William-David.

"I myself called 911 around 2pm for a branch that broke and could have fallen directly on a mother and her 3 young children," he wrote on Facebook. 

Dave Audet | Facebook

MTL Blog reached out to the City of Montreal for more information and will update this story once we hear back.