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Guilbault Just Laid The Smackdown On Anti-Maskers Who Protested In Quebec This Weekend

"No one has the right to threaten the health of others."
The Anti-Mask Protests In Quebec Earned A Powerful Condemnation From Guilbault

After a series of anti-mask protests in Montreal and Quebec City this week, the provincial government condemned the actions of the participants and stressed that the behaviour these folks displayed at the protests was "unacceptable." 

"We saw images of protestors who weren't respecting social distancing, who weren't wearing masks, and [...] who were scornful of the current efforts to protect our health," said Geneviève Guilbault, Deputy Premier, at a press conference Monday.

"And I was very shocked that people would allow themselves to transgress public health rules and even to insult journalists and their teams."

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We cannot tolerate situations like this. 

Geneviève Guilbault

Guilbault was referring to an incident that occurred on Sunday between Kariane Bourassa, TVA journalist, and two anti-mask protesters.

During a live broadcast, two male protestors approached Bourassa and sandwiched her between them in a hug without her consent. 

"Everyone has a right to protest," said Guilbault, "but no one has the right to threaten the health of others." 

She concluded her address by imploring Quebecers to continue to act in solidarity and thanking the majority who continue to follow the rules.

"We can't let this minority divide us," she said, referring to the rule-breakers.

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