The Canadiens Are Taking Over Toronto & Put Up A Giant Billboard To Rub It In Their Faces

If 2020 wasn't weird enough already, consider this: the Montreal Canadiens are the only Canadian NHL team playing in Toronto's Scotiabank Arena — and they just did something the eliminated Toronto Maple Leafs have been unable to accomplish for 16 years: they won a playoff series there.

To add insult to injury, the Habs put up a giant billboard that looms over Toronto's Gardiner Expressway, and reads: #GoHabsGo. Ouch! 

How the Habs got here encapsulates all we've come to expect from our hot-and-cold, anxiety-inducing Glorieux. 

The Habs punched their playoff ticket after a surprisingly decisive victoryover the Pittsburgh Penguins last week. Carey Price led the team with a supernatural effort.

On Wednesday, the Canadiens began the first round of the playoffs against that other Pennsylvania team, the Philadelphia Flyers.

Despite losing Game 1, the Canadiens have proved the doubters wrong by showing fans they can go toe-to-toe with the Flyers in the playoffs. 

Though some experts disagree, saying the Habs and their fans shouldn't be too hopeful about their playoff series against the Flyers, it's amazing that the team is even here in the first place. 

After a season marred by inconsistent play with many questions surrounding the future of the team, most people settled into the suspended season looking forward to the draft and the next season. 

But when the NHL announced the season would resume and that the Habs had a chance for a playoff spot, all bets were off and the team was all-in to win.

Apparently feeling right at home in Toronto's playoff bubble, the Habs are on a mission to prove they're here to stay. 

By literally leaving a mark on the city, the Canadiens could be hoping for a little more support from some undoubtedly sour Toronto fans. 

Whatever happens, we're all just happy to be watching our favourite teams play hockey again. And, in Montreal, we're even happier when we can rub it in Toronto's face. 

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