These 7 Animals At The Montreal SPCA Are Looking For Their Forever Homes (PHOTOS)

Calling all animal lovers: The Montreal SPCA is always searching for caring and compassionate people to take in one of the many animals up for adoption at its facility.

Anyone who has ever loved an animal can probably agree that these little creatures leave the biggest footprints on our hearts.

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The bond you have with your pet is inexplicable and one of the most special types of relationships. 

The following seven animals are all looking for new forever homes, so why no open your heart to one of these sweet little faces?

Lucky The Dog


Why You Should Adopt: Lucky is a great pet that would be happy in both a house or a condo. Just be sure to live in a space with no other pets.

Timbit The Dog


Why You Should Adopt: This seven-year-old dog is looking for a family where all members are adults to take him in. Just look at his sweet eyes, doesn't that make you just want to kiss him?

Croquette The Bunny


Why You Need To Go: This large female bunny is a flemish giant and is about one year old. She's super cute and can be a great addition to anyone's family.

Cash The Dog


Why You Should Adopt: This adorable dog is looking for a home with kids over 10 years of age to take him in as part of the family. Just make sure you don't have a cat at home.

Rositta & Rosalyne The Chinchillas


Why You Should Adopt: Rositta and Rosalyne come as a pair, but the good news is that "when a small animal is part of a bonded pair, the Montreal SPCA waives the adoption fees for the second animal."

Maki The Dog


Why You Should Adopt: Maki is a seven-year-old dog looking to start the next chapter of his life with his forever family. His new home should be with adults and without any other dogs in the house.

Benny The Turtle


Why You Should Adopt: Benny was found wandering around near a metro station. It took him a few months to regain his strength but he is now ready for his forever home!

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