We could all use some love. And that includes our animal friends. So why not head down to the Montreal SPCA to look for your fur-ever bestie and the newest member of your family?

With red zone restrictions feeling like they're going on and on and on, it's the perfect time to find your new BFF that, yes, you can see even though we're in lockdown.

Not just see, but love!

Think you see your love-at-first-sight new pet below? Contact the Montreal SPCA to make an adoption appointment!

Meet Theo

This precious pup weighs 34 kilos and requires at least two hours of exercise per day. The SPCA clarified that he can't live with other dogs or cats, so if you're looking to add an only child to your family — he's your boy!

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Meet Pasha 

One-year-old Pasha "will need a calm environment and a loving family in order to flourish in his new environment." If you're looking to add a furry friend into your loving household, then visit the SPCA to get to meet Pasha.

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Meet Nemo

Want to find Nemo? He's right here! Nemo is a 3-year-old mixed breed who needs someone to give him all of the love and snuggles he deserves. It's probably best if he doesn't live with any other dogs or cats, but he's totally down to meet a few in town.

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Meet Coucou

This little degu is a small little thing with lots of love to give. Coucou is just a baby, but she's got lots to offer to the lucky family that gets to call her theirs. If you're looking to make Coucou your new buddy, she comes as a double adoption with her friend Nibble.

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Meet Timbit

This mixed-breed doggo is a rambunctious 3-year-old pup who loves attention. He is best suited for a house and needs a family who can give him lots of TLC. Preferably one where he's your only fur baby.

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Meet Mahee

The team isn't quite sure how old this little guy is, but their best bet is about 10. Mahee hasn't been around many humans, so he wants to take things slow with his new family. He is a turtle after all. Not to worry, though — Turtles are super chill. Perfect for anyone looking for a low-maintenance new buddy.

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Meet Lucky

Lucky is a 6-year-old mixed-breed looking for his new family. Ideally one in a house or a duplex. He may not be used to being alone, but you'll be wanting to give him cuddles all day, anyway. Whoever lands this pup should consider themselves lucky!

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All of these animals were up for adoption at the time of writing this article, which is subject to change.

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