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This Week's Montreal Weather Forecast Looks Like An Emotional Roller Coaster

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This Week's Montreal Weather Forecast Looks Like An Emotional Roller Coaster

With new months come new beginnings, and — as we usher in November — many Montrealers are looking at the week ahead for a grain of hope we can cling to in these dark and twisted times. 

While we can't predict what next month will bring, we can (sort of) predict the weather. At least that's what meteorologists attempt to do week after week.

Unfortunately, according to Environment Canada, next week is going to take us on a bit of an emotional rollercoaster, meaning it'll be just as erratic as the year we've had thus far.

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13°C   Expected high for Friday, November 6

Sunday and Monday we can expect rain, which isn't idyllic but is also par for the course lately. Sunday is predicted to reach a high of 10°C which will drop to 4° C on Monday.

Monday night is where things get interesting. There are supposedly going to be periods of snow. Cool. At least it shouldn't be anything major. 

After a fairly nice day on Tuesday — mix of sun and clouds and a high of 4°C — nighttime temperatures will likely dip below zero to -2°C, and Wednesday will be cloudy.

But don't fret. Thursday and Friday are expected to be fairly sunny and 12°C to 13°C. 

In summary, we can expect almost every type of weather this week from rain to clouds to light snow to sunshine. It'll dip below zero and jump up to 13°C.

Just remember, it could be much worse. The snowiest day on record for this time of year was in 1962 when eight centimetres covered the ground.

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