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The Passion Lavande Sunflower Fields Open In August For You To Explore

It seems like this summer is all about flowers. Because flowers remind us that just like life, with a little water, sun, and a whole lotta love, even we can bloom and grow. So why not get lost in the sunflower blossoms less than two hours from Montreal? Passion Lavande is exactly that — passionate about flowers.

According to the website, the farm's mission is "to create a moment of well-being and happiness for our customers by welcoming them warmly to our home in our lavender and sunflower gardens."

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The fields are located in the beautiful Mauricie region in the dreamy municipality of St-Sévère.

The village of St-Sévère only has 300 people, but they're never alone with nature all around them.

It's even a great place to stop on a cycling tour of the region.

The lavender fields are like out of dream that looks magical and you know smells sensational.

Just because it has lavender in its name, doesn't mean Passion Lavende doesn't have gorgeous sunflowers, as well. In fact, in August, it's their time to shine.

As the team likes to say: "one passion, two cultures."

With so much respect for nature and the beauty around them, Passion Lavande uses no herbicides or pesticides.

There is also space for you to enjoy a picnic in the flowers because the only thing better than a summer picnic is having one with a gorgeous view.

And because the fields feel like a piece of heaven that you'll want to take home, you can order online or visit a retailer that carries the products, including the Home, Relaxation, Kitchen, CARE and Just For Me collections.

You can also pick up at the boutique by appointment only.

So if you're like me and are ready to get lost in all of the right ways, you've found exactly where.

Passion Lavande

Price: Free

When: August 3 – 20*

Where: 190, chemin St François de Pique Dur, Saint-Sévère, QC

Why You Need To Go: To get lost in gorgeous lavender and dreamy sunflowers.

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