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The SAQ Reported 19 COVID-19 Cases Among Employees In The First 2 Weeks Of 2021

The company lists their store locations online.
The SAQ Reported 19 COVID-19 Cases Among Employees In The First 2 Weeks Of 2021

According to the latest info on its website, the SAQ reported 19 COVID-19 cases among employees across Quebec in the first two weeks of 2021 — between January 1 and 14.

"When one of our employees is affected by COVID-19, this employee and the colleagues who were in contact with him or her are placed in preventive isolation," the Société des alcools du Québec (SAQ) explains on its website. "The SAQ works closely with public health and applies all directives to the letter."

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The SAQ is counting on the cooperation of everyone to ensure the measures are complied with.


130 SAQ employees have contracted COVID-19 since the start of the pandemic, according to the company’s case tracker.

113 have been authorized to resume work by public health.

"The SAQ is committed to communicating transparently with our employees and the public throughout this exceptional situation," the company says on its website.

The Crown liquor company has adopted a number of preventive measures to stop the spread of COVID-19 and keep its employees safe, including home deliveries.

In addition, all of its Express stores have been closing at 7:30 p.m. instead of 8 p.m. to comply with Quebec’s nighttime curfew, which went into effect on January 9.

"This will ensure that all SAQ stores are in compliance with the new measures," stated the company in a news release.

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