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There’s A New Céline Dion Biopic Coming Out & The Trailer Just Dropped

Except it wasn't made in Quebec...
There’s A New Céline Dion Biopic Coming Out & The Trailer Just Dropped

If you can't get enough of Céline Dion between her memes, her fashion sense and her impeccable vocals, then buckle up because there's more where that came from. A new homage to the Québécoise queen is coming soon: a film based loosely on her life — and the creator just released the movie poster and first looks.

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French actress and filmmaker Valérie Lemercier is at the helm of the project, titled Aline in French and The Power of Love (Famous) in English.

Lemercier appeared on the popular French talk show Quotidien on August 31 to share an exclusive peek at the film's poster and trailer.

The trailer shows Céline Dion — sorry, "Aline Dieu" — coming of age, following her from humble beginnings in Quebec all the way to her current level of musical superstardom.

The Montreal Gazette reported that Aline "has been authorized by Dion and includes many of her most famous songs."

"I tried to embody her," Lemercier told Yann Barthès, host of Quotidien, in French

"Her body, her gestures. They are very particular. The ways she moves her hands . . . and her joie de vivre." 

This isn't Lemercier's first time filling big shoes in an acting role. 

She is known for her performance as Princesse Armelle, a character based on Princess Diana, in Palais royal!another film she wrote and directed. 

Montreal's Caramel Films is one of the production companies behind Aline.

Still, there has been some pushback from Quebecers "wondering why the film was made in Europe and not here by a Quebec filmmaker," the Montreal Gazette reported. 

The Gazette highlighted a tweet by Montreal film journalist Kevin Laforest: "Is it cultural appropriation if the French make a biopic about Céline Dion?"

However, to get the answer to Laforest's question, you'll have to wait a little longer for a Canadian biopic.

Jimmy Dion, Céline's nephew, is reportedly working on an English-language film, "Celine Before Celine."

Aline is set to hit theatres in France on November 18.

MK2 | Mile End told MTL Blog that the Quebec release date has yet to be confirmed.

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