You Can Get Funky Ornaments That Say Whatever You Want Thanks To This Montreal Company

Personalized presents always have a way of pulling on our heartstrings and one local Montreal company is currently taking customized Christmas gifts to a new level.

Bauble is a Montreal-based company that creates the most picturesque custom Christmas ornaments.

Not only do these items make for a great gift during the holiday season, but they're something that your loved ones can truly cherish forever.

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You can get anything you'd like written on the baubles, as long as it's under 25 characters.

There are four different fonts to choose from, so it can look exactly how you want it to.

The starting price is $15 and they go up to $25 — very affordable for a custom work of art!

Not only does Bauble create stunning ornaments, but the company also makes cool custom candles, which are a great gift. 

All illustrations are done by @mylosoftpaint, who does an impeccable job when it comes to creating these one-of-a-kind gems. 

If you're thinking of getting this gift for someone special this year or simply to treat yourself, go ahead and visit Bauble's website to order.