This Montreal Pizza Spot Takes Your Taste Buds On A Trip To NYC

Rue Notre-Dame is swimming in incredible spots for you to eat at. From amazing brunch places to diners and even cafes, it's impossible to go hungry when wandering that street. Caffè Farina is one of the Notre-Dame spots you're going to be thrilled to have discovered, especially if you've been looking for a new Montreal pizza spot

As much as I love Montreal, after spending a few years living in New York, there are a few things I miss about the city.

And its pizza is definitely top on the list.

After having a major craving for Sicilian square pizza, I discovered that this friendly cafe was cooking up exactly what my taste buds were looking for.

The Sicilian Nonna Pizza has that Brooklyn deep-dish feel and although it looks like it would be heavy, the texture is incredibly light and fluffy — exactly what I was searching for.

The flour and San Marzano tomato sauce are imported directly from Italy, the secret dough recipe was perfected after three months of trial and has a 72-hour triple rise.

And, if that isn't enough to have you running over there to try it out, the pepperoni is imported from New York and is found nowhere else in Montreal.

The chefs also make a mean cheese pie and a decadent truffle pizza that I'm still dreaming about. All in all, the pizza cooked up in that kitchen is worth every calorie it has. 

This eatery also serves up amazing arancini balls, which are made from the owners' grandmother's secret recipe. They also serve up a variety of pasta and paninis.

And, for those of you with a sweet tooth, there's also a dessert menu that includes fried Oreos and Nutella cake.

Even the coffees this spot makes are amazing.

I suggest trying the sweet maple latte.

And, best of all, they have a variety of wines and cocktails to try out, making this one-stop-shop ideal for all of your cravings.

You may go for the food, but you will stay for the great service.

A must-try for any foodie in the city.

Caffè Farina

Address: 3422, rue Notre-Dame O., Montreal, QC

Why: To get a taste of NYC pizza right here in Montreal.