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This Fairy-Tale Bridge Is Hidden In The Middle Of A Quebec Wildlife Reserve

It looks like something out of a fantasy novel.
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This Fairy-Tale Bridge Is Hidden In The Middle Of A Quebec Wildlife Reserve

There's a Quebec wildlife reserve in Port-Cartier that you have to see to believe because it's so picture-perfect that it doesn't look real. Seriously, it feels like something out of a fantasy novel or fairytale

One of the most magical parts of the park, Réserve faunique de Port‑Cartier–Sept‑Îles, is the iconic footbridge that almost appears to be propped up by a rock and a tree.

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As visitors walk across the mystical bridge, they're met with the breathtaking and peaceful landscape.

In addition to going for walks and hikes, fishing is a popular activity because the reserve has more than 100 lakes and 15 rivers. Visitors can also hunt, canoe, and pick berries — basically anything you'd picture a super outdoorsy Canadian doing.

To get there, it's about a 10-hour road trip from Montreal, but it's definitely worth the drive. 

Réserve faunique de Port‑Cartier–Sept‑Îles

Price: Varies depending on accommodations and activities

Address: 64, route 138, Port-Cartier, QC

Distance From Montreal: just over 10 hours

Why You Need To Go: Feel like you're in a storybook as you traverse the bridge and see stunning landscapes! There are also tons of outdoorsy activities for those who want an adventure.

Before you get going, check our Responsible Travel Guide so you can be informed, be safe, be smart, and most of all, be respectful on your trip.

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