Toronto's Mayor Raised A Giant Habs Flag At City Hall After Losing A Bet To Mayor Plante

That's right, Leafs fans, you will never, ever, live this down.
Toronto's Mayor Raised A Montreal Canadiens Flag At City Hall

Toronto Mayor John Tory probably wasn't expecting to be raising a giant Montreal Canadiens flag high above Toronto City Hall on Thursday afternoon, but one playoff series win later and here we are. 

As part of a bet between the two mayors, Tory was forced to raise the colours of nos glorieux up on high, adding further insult to injury after the Toronto Maple Leafs got absolutely run over by the Habs in the first round of the NHL playoffs. 

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If Torontonians were absolutely dismayed by how the CN Tower was lit up in Habs colours on June 8, imagine how they must feel today. 

Overall, though, Leafs fans seem to be way more pissed off about the CN Tower. 

As Toronto weeps, the Montreal Canadiens are resting up for their next series after handily sweeping the Winnipeg Jets out of the playoffs.