We Finally Know What Lightning Coach Jon Cooper Said To The Canadiens

The Montreal Canadiens Stanley Cup loss was heartbreaking, there was at least one man on the Tampa Bay Lightning who heaped praise on the Habs in the handshake line after the game. 

Lightning head coach Jon Cooper took his time to congratulate and praise the efforts of the beaten Montreal Canadiens in a show of class that perhaps stands in contrast to what fans have heard from other parts of the Lightning team. 

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Especially with the younger players like Cole Caulfield and Nick Suzuki, and Alexander Romanov, Cooper offered heartfelt encouragement.

He also acknowledged that despite their loss, they have a long and storied career ahead of them.

Cooper offered some praise for the veterans, as well.

"Warrior, man. You're a warrior," Cooper told Brendan Gallagher. 

"I ache for you, buddy," he said to Carey Price while patting him on the back. Price responded by telling Cooper that he deserves the win. 

Perhaps the cheekiest Hab on the ice was Suzuki, who simply said "I know" after Cooper told him that he has a "bright future" ahead of him.