You Can Watch Martha Wainwright, The Franklin Electric & More For Free At This NYE Event

Say goodbye to 2020 in style
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You Can Watch Martha Wainwright, The Franklin Electric & More For Free At This NYE Event

Gathering in the Old-Port to watch the fireworks light up the sky on New Year's Eve is a beloved tradition for Montrealers, who can also enjoy strolling through the streets and alleys of their city in the crisp midnight air on this festive evening.

But this year though, we'll obviously have to make some tweeks to many of our usual activities this year.

Even if COVID-19 prevents us from embracing one another on the stroke of midnight, that doesn't mean we're going to let it blow out the flame of fun that ignites every Montrealer!

This spirit that permeates our city is what inspired the Merry Montreal team to organize Rêvez ensemble, a show hosted by Marina Bastarache and Gaël Comtois. It's going to be broadcasted for free on the MTLBlog website, as well as on the organiser's page.

You can tune in to either on December 31 at 9:00 PM to celebrate NYE just like we got through the craziest year of our lives: together... despite the distance.

This exceptional line up consists of 15 Québécois artists who left their mark on 2020, including Martha Wainwright, The Franklin Electric, Matt Holubowski, Beyries, Random Recipe, and let's not forget The Barr Brothers!

Trust, you're going to want to tune into this. According to event organized Martin Durocher, "It's more than a concert, it's a truly artistic, visual and auditory voyage that we offer audiences."

[rebelmouse-image 26881061 photo_credit="Merry Montreal" expand=1 original_size="423x583"] Merry Montreal

This New Year's Eve party will be taken to different studios set up across the city, in some of Montreal's hottest spots. It's the same vibe as bar-hopping all over town, except you won't have to spend half the evening hailing cabs that are always full and braving the slushy sidewalk.

Who better than our very own Martha Wainwright to exorcise the sorrows of 2020 with her stirring, unapologetic voice?  Make sure not to miss The Franklin Electric, whose sincere and soulful folk sound reminds us of Bon Iver. As for The Barr Brothers, prepare to feel the warm tones of their guitars uniting to embrace you as they play their song "Even the Darkness Has Arms." Exactly the type of catharsis we're in need of as we step into 2021.

[rebelmouse-image 26881062 photo_credit="Merry Montreal | The Barr Brothers" expand=1 original_size="768x1056"] Merry Montreal | The Barr Brothers

On New Year's Eve, tune in here or here as of 9:30 PM to join the Rêver Ensemble concert and wave a cheerful goodbye to 2020!

Rêver Ensemble

Price: Free

When: Decembre 31 2020 as of 9h30 pm or

Why You Need To Go: To enjoy an incredible, once in a lifetime performance by some of the most talented artists in the province, all from the safety of your home. Did we mention it's free?

For more information about the event, visit Merry Montreal on their website, their Facebook or even their Instagram.

Elodie Lima
Contributor Writer