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A New Report Says Quebec Has Issued $10,000,000+ In COVID-19 Fines — The Most In Canada

The report is from the Canadian Civil Liberties Association (CCLA).
Most COVID-19 Fines In Canada Have Been Issued In Quebec, According To A Report

A new report from the Canadian Civil Liberties Association (CCLA) states that Quebec issued 77% of COVID-19-related fines in Canada between April 1 and June 15.

Ontario and Nova Scotia follow with just 18% and 3%, respectively.

$10,085,589 The total amount of COVID-19-related fines issued in Quebec

The CCLA estimates that "over $13 million [...] in fines have been issued since the beginning of the states of emergency across Canada" — $10,085,598 of which have been in Quebec.

"Quebec leads the country in the scope and scale of COVID-19 related enforcement with a combined total of 6600 people who have been fined or charged with an offence," the report states.

It's "followed by Ontario (2853), Nova Scotia (555), Alberta (129), Saskatchewan (44), Manitoba (30), and British Columbia (22)."

Via Canadian Civil Liberties Association

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