A Quebec Car Dealer Is Offering Free Gas For A Year & Hydro-Québec Chimed In

Free gas for a year with a new car purchase... or you could just buy an electric vehicle.

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Joliette Dodge Chrysler Jeep's promotional video offers a year of free gas with the purchase of a new vehicle.

Joliette Dodge Chrysler Jeep's promotional video offering a year of free gas with the purchase of a new vehicle.

With gas prices surpassing $2/litre in some regions, drivers are getting creative with their travel — and so too is at least one Quebec car dealer. In an exuberant video posted to Facebook on March 8, Joliette Dodge Chrysler Jeep offers to pay for a year's worth of customers' gas if they purchase a new vehicle in its inventory. Narcity Québec was the first to report this story.

The dealership encourages prospective buyers to send it a private message on Facebook or subscribe to its website to receive more information.

Additional limitations undoubtedly apply. On its promotions page, Joliette Dodge Chrysler Jeep says the deal means car buyers can save up to $9,000. It's unclear how exactly the deal works, but in the comments section under the Facebook video, the dealership says annual gas consumption cost estimates are based on the government resource Energuide.

Joliette Dodge Chrysler Jeep assured commenters that "we're talking about tens of hundreds of dollars in gas and not $20."

It's likely that the dealership is simply discounting the gas cost estimate from the price of a vehicle.

The promotion has nevertheless attracted attention. At the time of writing, the Facebook video has garnered more than 67,000 views and over 100 reactions and comments.

The post has also become the target of a few skeptics. Even Hydro-Québec chimed in, directing readers to an alternative way to avoid paying for gas: purchasing an electric vehicle. The Crown corporation shared a link to a page comparing the annual price of powering EVs and cars that run on gasoline.

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