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Gas Prices In Montreal Are At A Horrifying High — This Chart Shows How Much They've Spiked

Becoming a cyclist suddenly doesn't sound like such a bad idea...

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Person filling up their gas tank.

Person filling up their gas tank.

It seems as though everyone and their mother are talking about gas prices in Montreal lately — and honestly, with the wild increases in prices we've been seeing, who can blame them?

On March 7, the average price to fill up your tank in Quebec is 188.2 cents per litre, an increase of 25.7 cents in comparison to the province's average last week.

And the 514 is definitely getting the short end of the straw when it comes to gas costs, with the average Montreal gas price on Monday being a whopping 194.1 cents per litre.

As noted on CAA-Québec's website, that's five cents more than the highest average cost of gas that Montreal has seen in the past year.

This chart from Gas Buddy proves just how much the price of filling up your tank in Montreal has risen in the last 10 years.

Montreal gas price chart.Montreal gas price chart.Gas Buddy

But even with this immense rise in gas prices, we're still not the province with the highest — so I suppose that's something to be grateful for.

On Monday, Quebec reported the third-highest provincial average gas price (188.2 cents per litre), following behind Newfoundland and Labrador (191.5 cents per litre) and British Columbia (194.0 cents per litre).

If you're wondering where to find the cheapest gas in Canada right now, it would be in Alberta, which had an average cost of gas of 156.4 cents per litre as of March 7.

Wondering why gas prices have been skyrocketing? According to CAA-Québec, Russia's invasion of Ukraine is having an impact on gas prices in Quebec.

"Recall that all oil indicators are up sharply due to the attacks carried out by Russia (a major oil producer) in Ukraine. At present, it is impossible to know how long this situation will last," CAA-Québec told the public on Twitter on March 4.

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