Quebec Is Ending Its Work-From-Home Recommendation So You Might Have To Wear Actual Pants

Quebec will no longer recommend that people work from home above all other options, which means you may have to swap sweatpants — or no-pant zoom meetings — for actual office attire. Remember offices?

Christian Dubé, minister of health and social services, announced the end of Quebec's teleworking recommendation at a November 2 press conference. It's just one of several COVID-19 measures the government plans to relax as of November 15.

"The instruction to favour teleworking ends as a recommendation of public health. Face-to-face return is therefore possible," Dubé said.

In a news release, the ministry said "mixed work arrangements that allow telework to continue will be recommended."

"It will be up to each employer to determine the formula that suits them," explained Dubé.

So if you've been enjoying that WFH life, you may still be able to continue teleworking — at least part-time — depending on what your employer prefers.

And if you're called back into the office, at least you'll finally find out what happened to the sandwich you left in the work fridge in March 2020.

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