This Quebec Nutella Map Helps Satisfy Chocolate Hazelnut Cravings Before You Get Hangry

Have you ever had a food craving so intense you dropped everything just to satisfy it? True Nutella fans know this feeling all too well — when the urge for chocolate-hazelnut deliciousness strikes, all bets are off.

Thankfully, a new tool can help you navigate Nutella-related emergencies so you can satisfy your sweet tooth before getting too hangry. Nutella has created a map of Quebec dedicated specifically to finding Nutella dishes across the province.

Yup, that means Quebecers can pinpoint the nearest Nutella dish at any given moment.

According to a Nutella spokesperson, the digital map was made using the best suggestions from fans when asked their "favourite restaurant with a fabulous Nutella dish on the menu."

Montreal restaurants include NDG's Pizzeria Melrose, which has a Nutella pizza, Litte Italy's La Cornetteria, which has Nutella-filled pastries, the Plateau's St-Viateur, which serves a Nutella bagel like no other, and Rockaberry because of its Nutella pie.

You'll find the full "Nutella est là!" map, containing 138 drool-worthy locations, at

In Quebec, a vaccine passport is required to access many businesses and activities deemed non-essential, including restaurants and bars.