You Can Get A Whole GALLON Of Nutella At The New Costco Outside Montreal

It's sold in pails with handles so you can bring it everywhere you go 🍫
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You Can Get A Whole GALLON Of Nutella At The New Costco Outside Montreal

What is it about Nutella that's so damn good? The chocolate hazelnut spread has a devout fanbase that claims it lives up to its "happiness in a jar" tagline — which is why no one would judge you if wanted to buy a whole gallon of it. And you'd only have to drive 20 minutes to the new Costco outside Montreal to do so. 

The Costco Business Centre is a special kind of Costco that opened September 29 in Saint-Hubert. It's only the second of its kind in Canada, and 70% of its items cannot be found at a regular Costco.

While it caters to the needs of businesses, regular Costco members can shop there too, which comes in handy if you like to buy in bulk. Super mega bulk

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$20.99 For a gallon (3 kilograms) of Nutella

What better to buy in bulk than sweet, decadent, rich, delicious, spreadable chocolate with hazelnut?

It's not like your chocolate craving is going away any time soon.

And if you plan on getting creative in the kitchen, a swipe of Nutella can turn up the flavour on everything from toast to hot chocolate to crêpes to a spoonful right out of the jar.

The pails of Nutella sold at the new Costco contain 3 kilograms of the good stuff. 

They also have handles so you can bring your Nutella with you everywhere you go.

Plus, with a regular 725-gram tub costing $7.49 at IGA, you're saving yourself about 10 bucks for the amount you get. You're welcome.

Ilana Belfer
Contributing Writer