'Warning Period Is Over:' Quebec Is Handing Out More Tickets Up To $6,000 For Rulebreakers

"There will no longer be warnings, there will be penalties."

The Quebec government spent a large chunk of its press conference on December 9 telling Quebecers that it's up to the people of the province "to break the second wave."

With that, Premier Legault reminded us, "there's only one way to do this: reduce our contact with others."

For the people who don't, he said there will be consequences. 

When asked about the level of possibility that Quebec goes back into a full lockdown again, the Premier responded saying "that's in the hands of Quebecers."

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I asked the police and then the Health and Safety Commission to give more tickets.

François Legault

Since Dubé stated that there's been a "relaxation" when it comes to Quebecers following COVID-19 regulations, Legault said, "in the next few days, there are going to be more fines for individuals and companies that don't respect the rules."

These tickets can go up to $6000

"We cannot allow a minority of people to put the majority at risk," Legault stressed.

Dubé echoed this notion saying, "There will no longer be warnings, there will be penalties […] police will able to give tickets."

The Quebec government has now said on multiple occasions that it's "not ruling out further restrictions."

Legault added that if a "minority" of Quebecers continue to not follow public health rules, then the government will consider "the closing of non-essential businesses during the Christmas period."