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Sunwing's Latest New Charge Just Went Into Effect & Prepare To Pack VERY Light

Your emotional baggage is still free. 🧳

MTL Blog, Associate Editor
​A Sunwing plane in flight. Right, People take luggage off of an airport carousel.

A Sunwing plane in flight. Right, People take luggage off of an airport carousel.

Sunwing has added a new fee for travellers who want to bring an extra bag in-cabin during a flight. The affordable airline, known for its tropical destination packages, is now charging $25 each way (tax included) for carry-on luggage outside of the usual free personal item, like a purse or small backpack. The rule change came into effect on Monday to discourage people from overcrowding overhead bins.

More travellers have been filling cabins with carry-ons in recent months, causing airlines to crack down and get stricter about enforcing luggage size restrictions. Some industry experts say it's also a move by airlines to make back some of the money lost during the pandemic.

Ultra-low-cost airlines have always been the most aggressive with luggage fees, but carry-on bags have typically escaped extra pricing in the past.

"We’re committed to making travel more affordable for our valued customers… this includes removing unnecessary upfront costs to ensure you only pay for the services you want and need, with the option to purchase extras or add-ons," the company wrote about its service changes.

Still, it's cheaper to pay for a carry-on than to check luggage with Sunwing.

Your first checked bag costs $50 each way (tax included) if you pay in advance and $70 each way if you pay at the airport. That's unless you book a Sunwing Vacation Package. Then your first checked bag is included free of charge.

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