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According to a study by digital automotive company Twinner, Montreal ranks among the most honest cities in the world but is actually the least honest city in Canada. 

By evaluating six metrics — "transparency in government," "transparency in society," "transparency in economy," "civic honesty," "perception of theft" and "car dealer reviews" — the company put our fine city in 54th place out of 350 cities included in the study.

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The Montreal restaurant that went viral for its brutally honest menu is officially going down in food history. Cuisine AuntDai's hilarious menu will be archived at the Arthur and Elizabeth Schlesinger Library at Harvard University.

It will join the Schlesinger Library's collection of historical menus so it can be used as an artifact for food history buffs and researchers — meaning a little piece of Montreal culture has found a new home at Harvard. 

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You might be a frequent eater of Cuisine AuntDai in Montreal. Or perhaps you just heard about the Chinese restaurant this week when its strikingly honest menu went viral.

But who is behind the hilarious descriptions and anecdotes that accompany each menu item? We spoke to owner Feigang Fei about his newfound fame and the decision to caption his orange beef with "This one is not THAT good. Anyway, I am not big fan of North American Chinese food and it's your call."

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There's the metro station's name, then there's your name for the metro.

You know, that single thought that pops into your head every time you go through the station's doors which is far more descriptive than the station's "real" name.

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