Montreal Libraries Are Officially Eliminating All Late Fees

In order to make libraries "more inclusive and accessible."

Montreal Libraries Are Officially Eliminating All Late Fees

Calling all book worms! Montreal libraries will officially be eliminating all late fees as of October 6.

According to Bibliothèques Montréal, "this decision is part of the international movement of 'Fine Free Library' born in the United States which advocates the abolition of fees charged to subscribers when their borrowed documents are reported late in public libraries."

Customers who already have late fees charged on their accounts will have those fees erased. Other library fees such as lost card fees and lost or damaged book fees will still apply, however.

All books and documents borrowed will also still have a "return by" date. As long as the book isn't past its due date, it may be renewed up to three times.

If a book or document is more than 33 days past its due date, it will be considered "lost" and you'll incur a $5 replacement charge.

"These late fees are a barrier, for certain vulnerable clienteles, to use the services of their public libraries," a Bibliothèques Montreal press release reads.

"By eliminating these fees, we hope to make our neighbourhood libraries more inclusive and more accessible."