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The pandemic may have slowed down some businesses, but the Kaufman Group with Sotheby's International Realty Canada is on fire. Like, selling Quebec's most expensive condo in history type fire. 

At $12,900,000, the gorgeous 6,979-square-foot penthouse at de la Montagne and Sherbrooke became the highest-selling condo on Centris ever in the province, according to the team. And it is absolutely gorgeous.

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There are so many amazing homes for sale in Montreal —especially if you've got an unlimited budget.

From trendy housing to mansions that feel like you're living in a museum in France, our city is packed with some seriously jaw-dropping real estate.

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Certain homes for sale in Montreal don't even look like they belong in the city because they're so extravagant. And this fine piece of real estate I'm about to show you is one of those homes. 

Located adjacent to Mount Royal Park, this breathtaking stone mansion oozes pedigree.

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Visiting the Swiss Alps feels like a far stretch this year. But, if you've got a couple of million dollars burning an enormous hole in your pocket, then you should check out this piece of Quebec real estate.

This home looks like the perfect mix of cozy and luxurious. The best of both worlds, right? Plus, this one-of-a-kind penthouse is located in Mont-Tremblant, which means you'd be living in the prime place for ski season in Quebec.

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