There are so many amazing homes for sale in Montreal —especially if you've got an unlimited budget.

From trendy housing to mansions that feel like you're living in a museum in France, our city is packed with some seriously jaw-dropping real estate.

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Located in Westmount, this majestic mansion will provide you with some of the most incredible views of Montreal.

The 4.9 million dollar price tag may seem steep, but when you get a glimpse of this home, you'll see that it's priced rather perfectly.

The renovated property is an architectural masterpiece, equipped with multiple balconies, a beautifully landscaped terrasse, and a multi-million dollar view.

The five-bedroom home combines sophistication with a relaxed style and is stocked with a slew of hand-crafted details including wainscoting and coffered ceilings.

From the large kitchen to the gorgeous master bedroom and bathroom, this home is incredibly impressive.

Everything about this property screams luxury, and it can all be yours for just a few million dollars.

Montreal Mansion With Windows For Days

Price: $4.9 Million 

Address: 109, ave. Upper-Bellevue, Westmount, Quebec

Description: This fabulous home has so many windows that you'd feel like you're living in a massive greenhouse all the time!

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