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Heading into the weekend, Premier François Legault, along with Health Minister Chrisitan Dubé, announced that they will decide whether or not to "add restrictions" in Quebec at the beginning of next week. 

Legault first suggested that he wouldn't rule out another lockdown in the province, similar to the one in March, at a press conference on December 8.

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Some businesses such as grocery stores still throw away good food when it's close to the expiry date or a new shipment comes in to replace it. A Quebec petition to the province's Ministry of Agriculture, Fisheries and Food aims to end this practice. 

The petition, titled "Implementation of Measures to Reduce Food Waste," has received over 5,500 signatures and includes three recommendations to stop the practice of throwing away "viable food." 

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In a press conference on October 22, Premier François Legault and Health Minister Christian Dubé were asked the question that's top of mind for most Quebecers right now: "Why aren't we able to bring the curve down? What's the main problem right now?" 

Earlier in the press conference, Legault clarified that while COVID-19 numbers have stabilized in the province, there is no indication that the situation is going to improve in Quebec any time soon.

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The City of Montreal tends to let elements of its infrastructure deteriorate slowly, until they have no choice left but to overhaul them from scratch. Which is why it's surprising to hear that they will be attacking a project in advance in order to avoid problems and benefit Montreal in the long run.

The city plans on spending $110 million to replace all of the light bulbs in the city. That means every single lamp post in the city (over 100,000) will be upgraded with LED bulbs.

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Photo cred - Diana Haronis

Rice is an amazing food, it's so good you could eat a thousand of them in one sitting. (okay so that's not very impressive, but it sounds good) Rice is cheap, you can find it anywhere and it goes well with everything, but rice isn't as healthy for you as you might think. Even that innocent looking bowl of steamed rice carries 200 calories composed mostly of starch. The problem is that your body loves to turn starch into sugar and then into fat.

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