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walking brain

Thinking of taking part in Montreal's IRL "Squid Adventure Games," based on the hit Netflix show?

The activity's creator shared a preview of the game map with MTL Blog and it looks so legit that you may have you remind yourself your life's not in danger in this "non-murderous" take on Squid Game— although, the fact that he was wearing a square-marked mask and holding a bag of marbles at the time might have also had something to do with it.

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If you're obsessed with Squid Gameright now — you know, like everyone else in the world — then we'd like to present you with an opportunity. You can participate in a real-life activity based on the hit Netflix show in Montreal this month, and there's even a cash prize up for grabs!

Don't worry, though. This version of Squid Gamedoes not involve blood, gore or risking your life.

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