Videos Show Someone Recruiting 'Squid Game' Players In The Montreal Metro

Videos posted to Instagram and TikTok show someone recruiting Montreal metro riders to engage in Squid Game-like activities — minus the bloodshed.

The hit Netflix show follows a group of contestants competing for prize money in deadly versions of children's games. The main character, Gi-hun, joins the competition after a recruiter wearing a suit approaches him in the metro.

The Instagram and TikTok videos show a similarly-dressed individual engaging with STM riders and playing some of the games featured in the show.

Contacted by MTL Blog, the person behind the social media accounts declined to identify themselves but said they're developing more content for their channels.

They also said they've given prizes to some players in the form of $50 and $100 Amazon gift cards — much more modest than the ₩45,600,000,000 (about CA$48,021,177.60, according to Google) grand prize in the Netflix show.

"I'm doing these videos because I'm having a lot of fun creating unique experiences for people," the account owner told MTL Blog. "Seeing the enlightment on the face of the participants, the people around and the reactions from the videos make it all worthwhile!"


Two people were spotted playing the envelope game from #squidgame in the #montreal metro. 😲 🎥: Claudia Montiel #mtl #mtltiktok #quebec #514

Squid Game has taken the world by storm, though not always peacefully.

An official Netflix Squid Game pop-up store in Paris was reportedly the site of a small brawl.

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