The 10 Best Places To Live In Canada Were Ranked & 4 Are In Quebec

Montreal is not one of them...

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A view of Quebec City from the Lévis ferry. Right: The Chutes de la Chaudière near Quebec City.

A view of Quebec City from the Lévis ferry. Right: The Chutes de la Chaudière near Quebec City.

Canada is full of natural beauty and splendour, so much so that it can be hard to choose where to put down roots. According to a new survey by Moving Waldo, there are ten places in Canada with extraordinary potential: namely, low real estate costs and low crime rates. The survey also took into account quality of life, the criteria for which were determined to be "health, pollution, green spaces and recreation, climate, education and employment." These three factors determined which areas made it on the list, which might explain why some of the spots are a little... surprising.

In first place comes not Vancouver, Toronto or Montreal, but the humble town of Edmundston, New Brunswick. Edmunston is famous for being "the largest city with a French-speaking majority outside of Quebec." The average monthly rent here is nearly a full $1,000 lower than Montreal's: it's only $545 for a one-bedroom in Edmundston.

The top Quebec town comes in at number two: the lovely city of Saguenay, Quebec. Moving Waldo says Saguenay has "no traffic jams," a fascinating insight and one that's hard to independently verify. But, besides that, a one-bedroom in Saguenay will cost you an average of $650, still much lower than Montreal's average rent.

Next is Lévis, the third entry on the list and only a 20-minute drive from Québec City. With a population slightly larger than Saguenay's, this destination offers proximity to plenty of national parks and hiking trails, making it a lovely place to live if you leave the house regularly.

Speaking of Quebec City, it enters the list at number six, boasting the largest population on the list by far at over 500,000 inhabitants.

The final québécois destination on the list is much, much smaller than that. The little town of Thetford Mines ranks at number seven, with an average rent of $455 for a one-bedroom and a population of only 26,072.

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