The SAQ Now Has A Podcast & It's Their Most Acceptable Product To Bring On A Morning Jog

Something to listen to while you're waiting in line to buy booze. 🍷

The SAQ Now Has A Podcast & It's Their Most Acceptable Product To Bring On A Morning Jog

The SAQ has launched its first podcast so you can now get expert booze information straight from Quebec's alcohol/liquor commission without chasing down employees at your local branch — or waiting in line to get through the door.

It's also automatically the most socially acceptable SAQ "product" you can bring with you on a morning jog.

The French-language podcast is called Sous le bouchon. According to an SAQ press release, it gives listeners "a unique, behind-the-scenes look at the beverage alcohol trade in Quebec" through conversations with experts.

Sous le bouchon kicks off with a three-episode mini-series focused on the environment and buying local.

The first episode, "Vin et changements climatiques (wine and climate change)," is a conversation with Gilles Goulet, head of purchasing for all products from France, and Marie-Ève Meunier, a beverage alcohol merchandising specialist, on how climate change is affecting wine production.

The second and third episodes, which come out December 3, are about Quebec products and lightweight glass.

This isn't the SAQ's only foray into creating content in order to further engage with its customers. In 2017, it launched Le goût de partager magazine, dedicated to gourmet pleasures, and it publishes Cellier, a magazine showcasing fine wines and spirits, multiple times a year.

The SAQ website also has an "Inspiration" section dedicated to recipes — both food and beverage — as well as interviews, events, profiles of wine producers and more.

The Sous le bouchon podcast is available on the SAQ website as well as on Spotify, Apple Podcasts and Google Podcasts.