The SAQ Is Increasing The Prices Of Over 1,300 Products This Weekend

Climate change is affecting the price of our wine.

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The SAQ Is Increasing The Prices Of Over 1,300 Products This Weekend

Time to make some adjustments to your monthly wine budget, folks. The SAQ is officially moving forward with price increases on over 1,300 products.

And it's in part a direct consequence of climate change, according to the SAQ.

Prices will increase by an average of 1.66% — or $0.40 — on 1,332 products.

The Crown corporation says products from France will see the biggest increases, ranging from 2.1% to 11.8%. Products produced in Spain, Portugal and Italy will see an average price increase of 1.5%.

"Wine-growing regions that are much appreciated by our customers have been severely and repeatedly affected by bad weather related to global warming, especially early in the year," Catherine Dagenais, President and CEO of the SAQ, said in a press release.

"These developments have greatly reduced product availability in some regions. [...] While being sympathetic to the unprecedented challenges faced by a number of our producers, we continue to give Quebecers access to the products they enjoy and to do so at the best possible price."

In addition, 619 specialty batch products will see an average 2.6% price increase.

The price increases at the SAQ are set to go into effect on November 7, 2021.

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