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Quebec Police Had To Give Thousands Of Warnings To People To Respect Public Health Rules

The SQ issued over 2,000 "verbal warnings" over the last two weeks.
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The SQ Gave Over 2,000 Verbal Warning To Quebec Public Health Rule-Breakers

Police had a busy few weeks cracking down on people and establishments that weren't respecting Quebec's public health rules

According to new data, the Sûreté du Québec issued over 2,000 "verbal warnings" between September 14 and 27.

Provincial police visited over 1,300 locations and another 944 "licensed establishments." 

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Sûreté du Québec officers issued 2,306 verbal warnings in connection with the decree of Public Health.

Sûreté du Québec

In Montreal, the SPVM was also busy visiting places and handing out warnings.  

From September 21 to September 27, Montreal police inspected "387 places, including 274 licensed establishments," according to a tweet.

The SPVM says it received 544 calls "related to compliance."

Only 10 reports were filed. 

Public health rules could intensify further if, as expected, Montreal and Quebec City enter the red zone on Monday. 

Health Minister Christian Dubé has in part blamed private gatherings for the recent rise in cases.

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