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This Montreal Artist Created A Transformers Art Piece In Vancouver & It's Hella Impressive

Introducing Junko's Queen BX1000! 🐝

Art installation created by Junko in Vancouver, British Columbia.

Art installation created by Junko in Vancouver, British Columbia.

When it comes to wondrous art installations, Junko certainly knows what they are doing.

The Montreal artist has showcased their work across the 514 a few times, with Junko's last two art fixtures, Forest Spirit and Earth Dragon truly blowing Montrealers away.

Well, after residing in Montreal for some time, Junko has taken their artistic efforts out to the West Coast, where the artist created yet another stellar statuesque piece that proves they've taken things to the next level.

"For the moment I’ve relocated to the West Coast, haven’t settled anywhere in particular but I started in Vancouver. I tend not to stay in one place for too long, helps keep things fresh for me," Junko told MTLBlog.

Well, their move to Vancouver was well worth it considering the inspo that led to yet another mesmerizing piece.

Junko introduced their latest and first West Coast creation, Queen BX1000, and it's safe to say it stings in the best way possible.

"The queen bee has landed. Ready to pollinate your senses," Junko wrote.

The wasp-like installation is made up of taxi cab car bumpers that Junko spotted at a BC garage while biking.

"Because of this discovery I thought I should make something utilizing the yellow, and bees/wasps came to mind," Junko shared.

Queen BX1000 took a month to create, and it was well worth the time investment. Located in Vancouver, the massive figure can be spotted between Van City's Marine Drive and Bridgeport SkyTrain stations, as well as the Canada Line Bikeway.

The work alone is well worth the praise, but what always stands out when it comes to Junko's work is their ability to come up with such innovative names.

Junko shared their creative process when it comes to narrowing down on a name with MTLBlog and just how Queen BX1000 came to be.

"In terms of the name Queen Bee, when I create these pieces, I don’t like to try and recreate an existing creature accurately. I prefer to have a vague theme for the creature and let it take on a new form. And BX1000 is sort of a small shoutout to the VX1000, an iconic video camera in skateboarding history. And it just sounds high-tech."

Although Montreal will certainly be missing Junko's artistic touch, the creative whiz will definitely return to la belle province.

"I love Montreal and have a lot of friends and family there so I’ll definitely be back," Junko said.

'Till then, we're totally revelling over Queen BX1000 and if you find yourself in Vancouver, be sure to check out Junko's latest design.

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