This Alpaca Farm Near Montreal Lets You Walk Them Through The Forest If You're Over Humans

This has to be a mental health boost.

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This Quebec Farm Lets You Walk An Alpaca Through The Forest If You're Over Humans

Looking for a different outdoor activity this winter? Why not try walking with alpacas through the woods at this alpaca farm near Montreal!

This Alpagas du Domaine Poissant farm, located in Mont-Saint-Hilaire, offers walks with alpacas through the property's wooded areas. They even have nighttime walks with fairy lights scattered along the trail. Guests are provided with a cup of food for the alpacas.

Each alpaca has its own personality and preferences, so guests are matched up with the animal that suits them best. Families with children may be paired with an alpaca that enjoys cuddles, while other guests may appreciate a calmer animal.

This is not a spur-of-the-moment activity. The farm's popularity has increased with the pandemic, with tourists looking for more fun outdoor and socially-distanced things to do. For this reason, visits with alpacas must be reserved weeks in advance.

The farm also offers a guided tour of the farm, yoga among the alpacas (in the summer), a petting zoo with baby alpacas, and a gift shop full of alpaca-wool products.

"I never dreamed of having a farm! My experience with animals was limited to cats and dogs," said Natacha Gagné, the farm's owner. That all changed when she saw alpacas for the first time at an agricultural fair. "I couldn't take my eyes off those alpacas."

Their research brought them to two alpaca farms in Ontario. "As they are herd animals, it's important to have at least three alpacas together. We asked ourselves, 'Do we start with three alpacas or more?'" They ended up coming home with 16 alpacas.

The farm is now home to 107 alpacas, one llama, and a raft of ducks.

Get the details on the alpaca walks below.

Alpagas du Domaine Poissant

Price: $37.50 for a daytime walk with one alpaca

Address: 1235, ch. de la Montagne, Mont-Saint-Hilaire, QC

Details: A 20-minute walk with one or more alpacas through wooded farmland. Advance reservation is required.


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