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Tim Hortons Wants Quebecers To Be Part Of Its New Campaign & Pairs Can Make Up To $4,500

The company is looking for "coffee and donut loving duos."

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Tim Hortons Wants Quebecers To Be Part Of Its New Campaign & Pairs Can Make Up To $4,500

Anyone who loves their daily Tim Hortons coffee and is looking to make a little extra cash this holiday season is going to be thrilled to know this Canadian chain is looking for French speakers from Quebec to be part of a new campaign — and pairs can get up to $4,500 if you're selected.

You can read the excitement through the casting call, which says "WE'RE LOOKING FOR COFFEE AND DONUT LOVING DUOS FROM ACROSS QUEBEC FOR A FUN TIM HORTONS CAMPAIGN!"

Casting Director Andrew Deiters told MTL Blog they're "excited to see some interesting and unconventional looks, and relationships — including siblings, friends and couples." And that they "always have an eye on diversity, too.”

If you get selected, you will need to make your way to Toronto for the day of the shooting.

The Groundglass Casting listing asks: "Do you and your friend bond over a Tims coffee and donut? Does your partner always bring you a donut before visiting you? Do you and your parent spend Sunday mornings at Tims? If so, we want to hear from you!"

For anyone who relates to any of these questions on a deeper level, it could be worth filling out the audition form — just make sure to do it before December 16, 2021* when submissions close.

Groundglass Casting said while no experience is required, people must still be comfortable with being interviewed in front of a camera. You're going to need to do a short interview with the director on January 4 if you're chosen.

You must also be a Canadian citizen or permanent resident and be free for a COVID-19 test and meeting with a stylist on January 10 and 11, if you'd like to apply.

As stated in the casting call, other specifications include:

  • If selected, you MUST be available for a one-day shoot on January 13 or 14 in Toronto. The shoot will only be one day, but you must keep both dates open until we have confirmed the shoot date.
  • If you are selected for this commercial, you must be prepared to travel to Toronto for the shoot. Air, rail and car travel will be covered, as well as accommodation, plus a $100 per diem. In addition, you will receive $350 per day of travel.
  • Finally, if you are selected for this commercial, you will receive $75 for the meeting with the stylist, $75 for the COVID-19 test and $750 for the day of filming. Finally, if your testimonial is used in the final cut, you will also receive an additional $1,500 to $2,000 depending on how it is used.
Good luck!

* This article has been updated.

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