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Tucker Carlson Wants The U.S. To 'Liberate' Canada By Invading It & The Replies Are Spectacular

"I'm just talking myself into a frenzy here," Carlson laughed.

Tucker Carlson speaking to Canadian professor David Azerrad.

Tucker Carlson speaking to Canadian professor David Azerrad.

Yes, he really said that. But are we really surprised that an American political agitator — sorry, a Fox News anchor — is saying controversial things about American politics?

The "liberate Canada by invading it" comments came on Thursday, January 26, during a Tucker Carlson Today interview with Canadian professor David Azerrad.

Carlson first addressed 2022's conservative trucker rallies, calling the Canadian government's response a "crackdown by the authoritarian government." He then told Azerrad that he is "completely in favour of a Bay of Pigs operation" to free Canada from Justin Trudeau, a galling statement by any measure.

There's more to what Carlson said because of course there is, like calling for "sending an armed force north," but repeating too much of his rhetoric only serves to spread it. Instead, let the story be told through Twitter replies, which are as comedically critical as can be expected.

One Twitter user said, "No, thank you, Tucker. We in Canada are perfectly capable of ousting a leader we don’t like through a well-run, clean & efficient democratic election. We’d be happy to show you how that works."

Another cut him down simply, stating that "Tucker Carlson is reason 7353 why Canada needs a moat."

Others suggested that Carlson might be the problem in his own country, with one Twitter user writing, "As a Canadian, I'd love to see the US liberate itself from Tucker Carlson!" Of course, the U.S. probably won't hear their plea, but one can hope.

Still more offered to rescue Americans from Carlson, for the low, low price of airfare, saying, "For a couple of hundred (Canadian) for airfare a bunch of us would be willing to liberate you from Tucker Carlson." A generous offer, to say the least. But what would Carlson get up to in Canada? Presumably some form of havoc.

Sometimes, it's the simplest solutions that are the best.

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