Tucker Carlson Said Quebec Is His Favourite Province & Anglo-Canadians Are 'B*tches'

"That's why they're so silly about their language."

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Tucker Carlson talking about Quebec on the Full Send Podcast.

Tucker Carlson talking about Quebec on the Full Send Podcast.

Quebec isn't always cast in the best light. In fact, according to some sources, it's Canada's least-liked province. But who needs the rest of Canada's approval when we've got, uh…(checks notes)… Tucker Carlson on our side? The Fox News menace recently paid a visit to the Nelk Boys' Full Send Podcast, where he told host and Kyle Forgeard (who is Canadian) that Quebec is his favourite part of Canada.

The discussion kicked off by addressing what Canadians have to start doing better, and it didn't take much time before Quebec came up.

Full Send Podcast

"I'll rip on Quebec with you," Kyle told Carlson.

"Everyone hates Quebec. It's my favourite province," Tucker said.

Now, listen… this isn't the win you might think it is.

While Quebec might be Carlson's fave province, he still managed to sh*t all over us. "The French — super annoying, obviously impossible to deal with. 'Oh, you must speak our language!' Your language? Nobody speaks your language, nobody cares about French anymore," the Fox News anchor said.

Yeah, see what we're getting at? We Quebecers diss each other across the French-English divide all the time, but it's none of anybody else's business. Not to mention, "the French"? He's clearly got no sense of the Français versus francophone québécois divide either.

Carlson didn't stop there though — it got worse. He went on to say that despite the language issues, he believes Quebecers have "self-respect" and that the rest of Canada, or "anglos" more specifically, are "b*tches."

"They [Quebecers] actually think they have something worth preserving, that's why they're so silly about their language. 'You must say it in French,' subtitles in English. The whole thing is insane, but it suggests that they really care," Carlson asserted.

"Again, they're hard to deal with, but they have balls!"

Uhh, thanks… we guess?

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Assistant Editor, MTL Blog
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